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The Winning Edge Leadership Academy will match each student with a professional mentor that suits their unique needs. The mentoring relationship is expected to not only provide career guidance but also serve as a supportive resource and accessible role model for our students.


The Winning Edge Leadership Academy will supplement the traditional college education with a yearlong mentorship and personal development program that culminates in an enrichment scholarship allowing students to attend professional networking event or convention of their choice.


The Winning Edge Leadership Academy will work to provide hands-on experiences to students by helping secure job shadowing opportunities, internships, assistantships and entry-level jobs.


The Winning Edge Leadership Academy will expose students to the sports industry. Our students will meet individuals working in sports, learn how to cultivate networking relationships and ultimately learn what aspect of sports business they find most intriguing.

We want to break down barriers!

The Winning Edge Leadership Academy seeks to increase diversity in the sports industry by investing educational, financial and cognitive resources into promising undergraduate minorities and women who wish to work in sports. Our goal is to help stimulate a sports world that actively pursues diversity both on and off the field of play. Learn more in our promo video.

% AP Sports


Are Men

% AP Sports Columnists


People of Color

11 FBS Conference Commissioners


Caucasian Men

FBS Athletic Directors


Women of Color

Source: The Racial and Gender Report Card (RGRC) completed by the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES).

“I can honestly say that without the mentors I have in my life, I would not have had the opportunity to work with the legendary Pat Summitt or had the courage to take the risk of applying for my dream job at ESPN. Being an only child with no big time connections or spectacular athletic career I relied and still rely on my mentors to help identify opportunities and open doors that give me the confidence to believe that I belong here, wherever here may be. I know without them I would be lost especially in this sports industry where it’s not the grades you make but the hands you shake that make the difference. As a veteran I know a mission can only be accomplished when a unit works together so now I look to create my own unit to accomplish the mission of providing support to students wanting to achieve their goals."

Corinne Millien, President

“Only one door has to be opened to change a person’s life forever. Nothing that I have accomplished in my professional career has happened without first having a mentor unlock a door for me. In an industry like sports broadcasting, the barriers to entry can be high and networking can define your career. Thankfully, my mentors have introduced me to decision makers while endorsing, encouraging, and advising me. These individuals never let me quit on my dreams but also gave me the tools to accomplish them. And now I would like to be that essential support system for somebody else.”

Maria Taylor, Vice President



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