STUDENT VIEW: The Importance of Building Bridges

Written by Khadijah Segura

Having the opportunity to attend an amazing event such as the Pro Scouting School this summer was an experience. Reflecting back on the few months prior to me boarding my flight back to Charlotte from the Pro Scouting School, I told myself I was not going to this event. Throughout the entire Winning Edge (WE) program as a mentee, I was often reminded to focus more so on things I am aspire to become; a sports agent. Especially when it came to my enrichment trip.

TPG Agent School was held in December of 2015 and I was presented with the opportunity to attend but wasn't able too. So as a result, I began to look up other upcoming conferences and reminded once again to revisit my main focus. This process wasn’t easy. So I began to question myself about going on an enrichment trip. This would allow my mentors to help someone else in the program who did know what conference they wanted to go to.

While I tried to find the right enrichment trip for me, I had the chance to volunteer with TPG during their Sports Tank event here in Charlotte. I enjoyed volunteering with this organization and wouldn’t mind doing it again. Well, that opportunity came sooner than I thought. WE Co-founder, Corinne mentioned the Pro Scouting School to me but I overlooked the opportunity because I was too focused on my career goal and looking for opportunities that would benefit my future and I thought that was behind me but I was asked one last time to attend the Pro Scouting Schoot at the Winning Edge Red Heels and Bow Tie Event, by Mr. Charlie Wend of TPG.

After speaking with him, I finally decided to give it a chance and just go. I am always willing to help anyone in need and TPG personally insisted I come. And so I did but I still had the same mindset that the Pro Scouting School wouldn’t have absolutely nothing to do with my career path.

Well once again, I was wrong. Completely wrong... I really enjoyed myself. The Pro Scouting School brought some valuable insight about the sport industry that even agents need to be aware of. The guest speakers were personable and very knowledgeable about the information that they share throughout their presentations. TPG provided a learning environment and many networking opportunities for everyone. Yes, I couldn't always sit down and listen to every single thing as volunteer but when I did, it was well worth it. I was even able to get a few business cards and was asked to attend TPG Agent School this October as a guest. I am truly honored to attend as a guest and it wouldn’t have happened had I not attended the TPG event this summer.

Some important information that stuck out to me was the need to create opportunities I want for myself. I need to surround myself with people who are already in the career field I want to be in. Continue to educate myself on what people are doing and how they’re doing it in the sport industry. The word relationships became the reoccurring theme in everyone's panel. Building on relationships is key. Keeping in contact and updated with things going on is important because you never know what someone could be able to do for you or what you maybe able to do for them.

I’ve closely revised my reality on keeping up with the relationships I have formed. Its been a struggle for me to do but it is a work in progress. I really appreciate all the people involved in helping not only myself but for the other WE mentees to experience an event like I did this summer. These enrichment trips allows for us to be real with our reality and goals in life to ensure we get on the right track and continue move forward.  The relationships we build will help keep us on track when we began to drift away. Now, I completely understand why my mentors continuously stay on me because I needed reality checks here and there. The Winning Edge program has and will continue to provide an experience like no other and has given us valuable tools and information that will benefit us for a lifetime. Please continue to invest in us, the future by continue to build bridges others and one day we will be able to pay it forward and do the same all because you made a choice to build bridges rather than burn them.

Khadijah Segura