jarrod barnes

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Jarrod Barnes is the Founder of Prime U, a talent development service for students and young professionals that specializes in developing core behaviors and teaching marketable job skills through workshops and online videos. Jarrod holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Management from The Ohio State University and has been named an entrepreneurial fellow at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's College of Education. A former student-athlete and collegiate football coach at The Ohio State University, Jarrod became the first ever student-athlete in Ohio State history to pursue a Ph.D. while on the active roster. Jarrod also served as Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Development at Clemson University, overseeing all career and professional development services for Clemson student-athletes. Jarrod uses his passion and drive for excellence to serve and develop others within a diverse population of collegiate and professional athletics, non-profit organizations and start-up companies. In addition, Jarrod is currently the Director of Training & Education with R6 Interactive and oversees content creation, user engagement, and business development.