What we need?

PLease note: this page is meant for informational use only. Please do not promote unless to solict contributions.


We are looking for a retreat house or property that can accommodate up to 20 people.

Wish list:

  • large meeting area
  • Large Dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Beach property
  • 6 Queen beds
  • 14 Full or double beds

Examples: 1 | 2 | 3


Food & Beverage

To maximize time student-athletes spend learning and sharing all meals will be catered by our winning edge chef: zeal - chef oscar johnson.

  • 4 Breakfast
  • 3 lunch
  • 2 dinner
  • snacks



We will extend invitations to student-athletes in the southeast to help with travel expenses.

We request current and former student-athletes have the support of their conference, athletic department or a sponsor.

We request mentors donate their time (including expenses) or sponsor a student-athlete.

Estimated cost per attendee: $2,000

Event Expenses

Expenses to cover the following:

  1. Local transportation
  2. supplies
  3. video and photo needs

Dinner party

We are calling for all local professionals who work in the sports industry to join us for an intimate dinner where they will spend time networking with student-athletes and mentors.

south wish list:

  • miami dolphins representative
  • florida sports group representative
  • Local college athletic representative
  • graduate program representative
  • pat riley, Heat team president
  • mark richt, Miami football coach
  • jose sotolongo, Miami sports commission
  • miami marlins representative

Field Trip

We are looking for a local organization that will open their doors to expose our student-athletes to a variety of careers in sports business.

additional needs

  • Digital presence analysis
  • activity recommendations 

Are you in a position to contribute to any area listed above?  we want to hear from you!